A Soho Reprieve at Saturdays Surf

A mock surf trophy lines the shelf at Soho's Saturdays Surf.

Just last week New York was hit with a sweltering heat wave that left many of us wishing for a day at the beach. While we may not always have the time for a trip to Coney Island or the Rockaways, it’s nice to have somewhere close that makes you feel as if you’re about to dive into the ocean.

Wet suits hang in the garden at Soho's Saturdays Surf.

Saturdays Surf, located on the eastern edge of Soho, is a laid-back espresso bar slash surf shop that acts as a meeting ground for New York City’s surfing socialites.

Retail at Saturdays Surf

Standing inside the shop (or their outdoor garden) is more reminiscent being in a beachside cabin than in the city. Surfboards line the entrance and surfing trophies mingle with the merchandise on shelves. The light even seems to come through the windows as if it were leaking through cracks in the wooden walls.

Racks of Clothing at Saturdays Surf

Shoes at Saturdays Surf

The shop of course specializes in selling surf equipment and accessories, with a few racks of surfer stylish clothing mixed in. Canvas bags and sunglasses round out the store’s offerings.

Retail at Saturdays Surf

Bags for Sale at Saturdays Surf

The espresso bar is the main draw for many, especially those that don’t surf. Saturdays uses La Colombe espresso for their cappuccinos and lattes. The cappuccino I had was one of the best I’ve had in some time.

Brewing La Colombe at Saturdays Surf

A couple of benches at the entrance make up the seating for the coffee shop, ensuring that you won’t find people typing away at their laptops here.

Coffee and Boards at Saturdays Surf

More surfboards and wetsuits hang along the fence in the expansive backyard area. Planters, seemingly made out of driftwood freshly picked off the beach, are filled with flowers more fitting to SoCal than to Soho. The scattered bikes and boards give the feeling that a beach party might erupt at any moment.

The Garden at Saturdays Surf

Bikes and Boards in the Garden at Saturdays Surf
The only thing that sends you back to reality is stepping back out onto Crosby Street and feeling pavement against your feet, rather than sand between your toes.


Saturdays Surf on Crosby Street


  1. George H.
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 09:13:25

    Love finding awesome little places like this


    • Smith & Ratliff
      Jun 20, 2011 @ 00:55:57

      Us too. I especially love when they seem to be in your own backyard. -RS


  2. ale
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 06:06:13

    nice fixie


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