Sunday Brunch at Peels

Peels Restaurant on the Bowery

During our recent visit to the Hester Street Fair Summer Picnic, we thoroughly enjoyed a s’mores cupcake from Peels on the Bowery.

This tiny little ball of decadence was all the reminder we needed that we still hadn’t stopped by for brunch, even though we’ve enjoyed dinner there.

Peels is the sister restaurant to another perennial brunch favorite, Freemans, known for simple, rustic American cuisine and atmosphere. Luckily for us, Peels doesn’t stray too far from this winning formula.

Inside, the space gives off a country farmhouse feel, with its white pressed tin ceiling and communal tables. Large windows on both floors flood the interior with natural light.

We were seated at the end of the downstairs bar, a long beautifully crafted wooden countertop overlooking a galley kitchen where chefs buzzed around, taking freshly-made biscuits of the oven and preparing milkshakes and other treats.

The menu is full of the same kind of down-home charm as the restaurant—it mostly features Southern-inspired comfort food.

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Peels

Buttermilk Flapjacks from Peels

Laura had a fried chicken sandwich with honey mustard and fries—she says Peels serves the best fried chicken she’s ever had.

I had the buttermilk flap jacks served with blackberry compote on top. The pancakes were perfectly crispy around the edges while the compote provided a sharp contrast to their buttery texture.

Gypsy Rose at Peels

Laura completed the Southern theme with a Gypsy Rose cocktail—sloe gin, cherry heering, topped with champagne—which was refreshing and had a nice sanguine tint.

Rather than my usual coffee and brunch cocktail I instead opted for one of Peels’ leaded milkshakes. The Coffee Rum Affogato was a creamy blend of rum, espresso, and ice cream served in a charming little milk bottle.

Leaded Milkshake at Peels

We were already big fans of Momofuku Milk Bar’s adult milkshakes, but thought this one tasted creamier and packed more of a punch.

Since we enjoyed the aforementioned s’mores cupcake so much, we decided to try another one of pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon’s creations.

(It’s worth noting that Shuna, in addition to being a kick-ass chef, is also a great blogger and photographer herself.)

Blackberry Eton Mess Fool at Peels

We opted for the blackberry Eton mess fool—an old British standby, made with fresh blackberries, meringues and cream, only Shuna’s version was topped with an almost-effervescent mint ice cream. Incredibly refreshing and palate-cleansing.

We can’t wait to return on a hot day for another leaded milkshake, perfect for enjoying at the bar as sunlight and laughter fills the dining room. Now if only they’d install a porch swing out front…

– Ryan

9 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch at Peels”

  • I cannot wait to leave Bucks County to try this brunch. I have been to Freemans and loved it. It seems that Peels has the same food/cocktail sensibility but with a different atmosphere.

    • Linda, think Freemans transported to, say, Mississippi or Alabama and you’ve got the right idea. It’s got a Southern sensibility to it that I love—feels like friends gathering for a meal. -LR

  • I made both those desserts for you yesterday!

    For readers- our Coffee Rum Affogato milkshake is made with Shuna’s very clever caramelized white chocolate ice cream and a shot of coffee infused rum.

    Our Eton Mess Fool is a yogurt mousse with blackberry jam and meringue topped with a mint rosewater ice milk.

    Glad you enjoyed!

    (And @LindaLawler- have you ever been to Marsha Brown in New Hope? It’s amazing New Orleans style food!)

  • that place looks adorable and everything sounds delicious. i’m definitely adding it to my list of places to check out in nyc!


  • love your blog guys! the hubs and i rode our bikes down the hudson this weekend and was surprised to see the new development as well. it’s so awesome down there! thanks for the food recs as well. 🙂

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