National Coffee Day: Kaffe 1668

Today is National Coffee Day, so it only seemed fitting to write about coffee. As you might have gathered from our multiple posts on the subject, coffee is a hobby

A Daily Dinner: Pan-Roasted Cod and Fennel

Remember that phenomenal weather I was bragging about just last week? That weather left and made way for several seemingly endless days of clouds, humidity, mist, and rain. Not exactly

Glimmering Greenpoint

About a month ago, on a steamy August evening, we joined one of Ryan’s talented friends for an impromptu photo shoot in his neighborhood—Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Tom Sands followed us around

The Return of Madison Square Eats

While taking a walk up Fifth Avenue this evening, we found ourselves experiencing a bit of déjà vu. A very delicious déjà vu. It seems like the last installment of

David Byrne’s Tight Spot

Lately, if you’ve taken a walk on the High Line or walked around Chelsea, you might have heard a strange rumbling coming from the ground. (And no, it’s not another

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