Park(ing) Day Returns to NYC

Park(ing) Day in New York City

Sometimes it’s nice to have a place to park yourself.

Today is the fifth annual Park(ing) Day, a world-wide event that reclaims parking spots along busy streets and transforms them into engaging, people-friendly public spaces for one day out of the year.

A Park(ing) Day park along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan

The initiative was started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2005, after residents took over a small spot on Bedford Avenue.

This first “parking spot squat” turned out to be a hit and now Park(ing) Day has spread to the West coast and around the world.

A Park(ing) Day spot near New York University

Luckily, a few of these “parks” popped up close to our neighborhood. One group of squatters near West 4th Street “planted” some trees in their park along Sixth Avenue, while a TriBeCa squatter installed a white picket fenced yard.

On this day, you never know where a little park will suddenly sprout, offering you a quick retreat from the city’s congested streets.

– Ryan

7 thoughts on “Park(ing) Day Returns to NYC”

  • Wow, what an obnoxious event. These narcissists have no idea how difficult it is to find parking in Manhattan and they have the nerve to take these spots in the name of art. If I see this I will definitely give these oblivious transplants a case of NYC attitude.

  • Wow, so now traffic in the city will get worse because more people will spend their time driving around in circles looking for parking. Not all the people who drive have the luxury of living close to the city and I like to take my motorcycle in because of the convenience of traveling on my own time, not waiting on transit and overcrowded trains. Stupid transplants.

    • JC, doesn’t riding your motorcycle into the city make you a “transplant” too, when you’re here? 😉 Oh, and the parking day folks pay for their spaces just the same as you, so who’s to say what they use them for?

      • There is most certainly a difference between a transplant and someone who actually needs to ride/drive into the city to WORK and MAKE A LIVING. Transplants are okay as long as they’re not trying to do quirky wacky stuff that wastes everybody’s time and productivity. In this case, they are doing just that.

        The idea that people can get away with paying for a parking spot and NOT PARK IN IT is obnoxious to no end. They aren’t doing anything that requires that space specifically. As if there are no ACTUAL parks in NYC? You have to take up space that people NEED to do something like this? They are called “parking spaces” for a reason, and no, it’s not for some snarky ironic play on words. People use those spaces because they genuinely need them for something in their day-to-day lives. This sort of event is completely idiotic and disruptive to the city as a whole. I can’t see how you can call this “people friendly” when it’s undoubtedly going to piss more than a couple of people off. How would you like it if you went to the park every day for a certain special occasion, only to find public parks in NYC filled with parked cars taking up all the space where they shouldn’t be? That’s exactly what this is like.

      • I guess you are bad with history. Queens and the other boroughs were consolidated into one city. Thus I am born and bred in NYC. The rest was answered by someone else.

  • Wow, I can’t believe how bent out of shape people get about this! I mean, there aren’t THAT many people creating these “parks”… And it’s just for one day. I seriously doubt it has that big of an impact on the traffic. Lighten up, it’s nice to see people getting creative and silly.

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