The Skinniest House in the City

The home at 75 1/2 Bedford Street in the West Village is New York City's narrowest house

When you walk through the West Village, it’s easy to become enamored with the glamorous, four-story brownstones along the tree-lined streets. Many of these homes are large, with grandiose stoops, sweeping staircases and imposing facades—you just can’t miss them.

But there’s one lovely West Village home that you might have missed before.

At just over nine feet wide, the house at 75 1/2 Bedford Street is a tiny reminder that even a small space can be extraordinary. Though it is not that much larger than our apartment, this home more than makes up for its size with a storied history.

A bedroom at 75 1/2 Bedford Street, the skinniest house in New York City

The house is most recognized as the Millay House, home to Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. To further the home’s glamourous past, it has also housed anthropologist Margaret Mead and famed stars Cary Grant and John Barrymore.

And now it could be yours.

75 1/2 Bedford Street

The house was listed for sale in May, after being meticulously renovated by its current owner.

Built around 1850, the home’s renovation paired some of the original charms (stunning exposed beams!) with modern touches (built-in espresso maker!). Storage is built into the home in clever ways, too, in keeping with the clean, modern look.

The Kitchen at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

Every one of the three bedrooms has a cozy, wood burning fireplace, while the large windows and skylights throughout create a bright, airy feel. It certainly doesn’t feel like a small house!

Master bathroom at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

Immediately, I fell in love with the master bath, where Italian marble, a claw foot tub and premium English fixtures create an astounding oasis. Can you imagine an afternoon soak in that tub?

A claw foot tub in the master bathroom at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

While the house’s interior is impeccable and beautiful, it includes access to a massive planted garden, shared with three of the neighboring town homes.

The beautiful garden is so tranquil and the home’s back doors and windows open up completely, allowing light and air to flow freely.

The outdoor space at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

The backyard at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

Having your own outdoor space is a huge luxury here in the city, so such a charming yard to sip on a glass of wine or enjoy a dinner al fresco is a huge draw for an already irresistible home.

Of course, there is one minor drawback to this gem of a house: its famed past has made it a well-known stop for most tours of the Village. In fact, as soon as I stepped out of the front door, a whole hoard of tourists were gawking and snapping photos!

The house at 75 1/2 Bedford Street is currently listed with Town Real Estate. You can see the complete listing here. Special thanks to Bo Poulsen for allowing us the opportunity to visit this piece of Village history.

– Laura

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