Afternoon Cycling on Governors Island

Bikes on Governors Island

Even though there are officially three days of summer left, we’ve been having some stunning fall weather in the city the past few days. Think cool breezes, temperatures in the 60s, and optic blue skies, dotted with puffy white clouds.

We were blessed with such a day on Sunday, so we woke early, savored our morning coffee, and then immediately raced downtown on our bikes, eager to catch one of the first ferries to Governors Island, which closes for the season this upcoming weekend.

Bikes and Mark di Suvero sculptures on Governors Island

Governors Island with the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in the background

Mark di Suvero on Governors Island

Sunflowers on Governors Island

Riding bikes on Governors Island

Fort Jay at Governors Island

Riding on the island is a treat. Not only do you get to avoid cabs and aloof pedestrians, you also get to take in bits and pieces of the various exhibits on the island at any given time.

After visiting the chickens at the compost center, we strolled among Mark di Suvero’s sculptures, enjoyed a cup of Brooklyn-based Blue Marble Ice Cream, and Ryan even experienced a butterfly’s metamorphosis, thanks to an interactive installation within the island’s old chapel.

Ryan Smith participates in the interactive installation Blue Morph on Governors Island

The Chapel at Governors Island

Chickens on Governors Island

Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith and their bikes on Governors Island

Mark di Suvero sculptures on Governors Island

The idyllic setting—you really do feel like you’re visiting a quaint southern town or even a manicured Ivy League campus—along with the beautiful weather, made for a truly relaxing and perfect Sunday afternoon.

Have you ever been to Governors Island? It’s definitely a must-visit for any spring or summer visit to New York City.

(Plus, while the ferry is always free, even bike rentals are free on Fridays, if you don’t have your own!)

– Laura

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