Tuesdays with Murray: Salva Cremasco

Salva Cremasco cheese from Italy, bought at Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village

Inspired by our frequent visits to Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street, and the thrill of always discovering something new there, we’ve started a new weekly series to highlight our finds.

This week I opted for something a bit more firm and pungent than last week’s Casatica di Bufala.

The Salva Cremasco, a cow’s milk cheese also from the Lombardy region of Italy, fit the bill perfectly. From the Italian word salvare—to save—the Salva started out as a cheese made with the excess milk the cows produced in the late spring, so it would not go to waste.

Salva Cremasco from Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village New York City

Inside the caves where it is aged, the Cremasco looks a bit like a square rock with its craggy dark rind, but don’t let the rough exterior fool you. The cheese’s interior is pearly white, graduating into a cream color near the rind.

Salva Cremasco has a distinct milky flavor, but is still quite dry and tangy at the same time. The cave-aging gives a bit of mushroom-like depth and funkiness that compliments the milky texture.

Salva Cremasco spread on baguette, paired with an Italian red wine, Nero d'Avola

We savored our late afternoon snack with a fruity Italian red wine that went well with the cheese’s dryness. It was great both on its own and as an accompaniment to our pasta later in the evening.

– Ryan

What We Used: Slate Cheese Board // Natural Linen Napkin // Marta Double Old-Fashioned Glass

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