Before My Birth

Before My Birth, an Adrian Villar Rojas installation at World Financial Center

At this year’s New Museum Triennial opening, we were immediately drawn to Adrián Villar Rojas’ massive clay sculpture A person loved me.

The Argentinian artist, alongside a crew of six men and women also from Argentina, constructed the New Museum’s piece over the course of the last month, often putting in 12 hour days to build the futuristic sculpture that looks like something that fell from outer space.

Adrian Villar Rojas' Before My Birth, in conjunction with the New Museum Triennial

Just a couple of miles downtown, Rojas has another installation that seems as though it’s from an entirely different world than his clay tower on the Bowery—Before My Birth, a site-specific installation at the World Financial Center Plaza.

While A person loved me has no relation to modern human culture—it’s from lightyears in the future, almost—Before My Birth is a series of clay and wood structures that evoke some of Le Corbusier’s Brutalist principals albeit very obviously constructed by human hands and emotion, as they’re mottled with cracks and roughly-hewn edges. (The sculptures even contain human objects such as a tire, apples, and a spoon embedded within them.)

If A person loved me is the end of human culture, Before My Birth was intended to be the beginning.

Before my Birth Sculptures by Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas

As with A person loved me, this installation will be destroyed after its time in New York, another testament to Rojas’ vision of unending change and evolution. As Rojas told The New York Times, “I really love the idea of not having a body of work.”

– Laura and Ryan

The New Museum Triennial: the Ungovernables runs through April 22. Before My Birth is on display through March 29.

Adrian Villar Rojas' Before my Birth

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