Smith & Ratliff’s Spring Tasting Dinner

If you follow us on Twitter or read yesterday’s post, you might have seen mention of a special little event we’re hosting this Sunday, April 22.

This is your official invitation to our first-ever seasonal tasting dinner. We’d like to invite eight people, whether we know you or not, into our home to enjoy an intimate, four-course dinner. Strangers and friends alike, please come and enjoy some great food and nice people. Please note that while we would love to invite everyone, we must limit this dinner to eight people due to space constraints. First come, first served—but if you don’t make it to this one, we hope to have many more dinners like this in the future.

Interested? E-mail us.

Update: This dinner is full, but we hope to host many more in the future. If you’d like to be added to the wait list, please e-mail us. Thanks so much for the support!

– Laura and Ryan

6 thoughts on “Smith & Ratliff’s Spring Tasting Dinner”

  • What a lovely way to connect with your readers and meet new people! I won’t be in town this weekend, but I’d love to attend next time!


  • This is a generous gesture. I won’t be able to attend but feel strongly that you should hold a “meetup” for all of your folllowers at some point. Has anyone else suggested this? And, are you attending MCC this year? That is how I found your blog.

    • Linda, we are thinking about having a small cocktail party in the near-future as well! Speaking of which, we sadly don’t think MCC will be a possibility this year since we’re going to be in Montreal at the time. -RS

  • What a brilliant idea! I love the way you transformed your apartment and welcomed new friends. The menu looked incredible and know that you have dinner party friends in DC!

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