Los Angeles: From the Getty to Malibu

The Getty Museum in L.A.

Still on East Coast time, we got an early start to our day on Thursday.

Continuing our coffee trek, we headed toward downtown to check out Handsome Coffee Roasters. Handsome’s space in the Arts District is bright and airy; like restaurants with an open kitchen, Handsome’s restored 1950s Probat roaster is on full display.

Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles

Coffee at Handsome Roasters

Espresso with Milk at Handsome

We hung out with our espresso and milk for a few minutes before getting on the freeway to head toward our next stop of the day, the Getty Museum.

Perched on a large hill and surrounded by gardens, the Getty was the perfect early afternoon stop. We spent a lot of time at the Herb Ritts photography exhibit currently on view before enjoying the lush, green gardens and vast blue sky. It’s such a cathartic place to spend the afternoon.

View from Getty Museum

Gardens at the Getty Museum

After leaving the Getty, we headed toward the Pacific Coast Highway and drove up to Malibu to take in some of the lovely views that Highway 1 offers.

We paused for a bit to snack on some fried seafood at Malibu Seafood and then parked and walked along the surf. California beaches are a lot smoother and sandier than our New York beaches and we also don’t have anything that compares to the natural beauty of Malibu, so we enjoyed the relaxing drive.

Fried Shrimp at Malibu Seafood

Fiat 500 in Malibu

Ryan Smith on the Beach in Malibu

We stopped in Santa Monica briefly on the way back, but we had another destination planned for the evening: dinner at Animal.

The heralded nose-to-tail restaurant was one of our most anticipated meals of the trip.

Menu at Animal

Veal Tongue, Smoked Foie Gras, Crab Apple at Animal

Chicken Liver Toast at Animal

Chicken Fried Sweetbreads at Animal

We enjoyed a hamachi tostada, veal tongue and foie gras, chicken liver toast, chicken-fried sweetbreads, oxtail poutine (almost took us back to Montreal!), and barbecued pork belly sliders.

Completely stuffed, we drove down Hollywood Boulevard and tucked into our apartment for the night.

– Laura

7 thoughts on “Los Angeles: From the Getty to Malibu”

  • I was in LA all last week as well! Hit up a few of the same spots as y’all, and you’ll never believe it, but I could have sworn I saw a couple that looked just like you in Silverlake at a shop called the Spice Station. At the time, I just thought it was a weird coincidence, but maybe it actually was you guys! Either way, hope you enjoyed LA – perfect weather there this week!

  • Your pictures look so great from this trip! I’m going to Cali in August and we are planning to drive from SD to SF. Definitely going to stop at Animal 🙂

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