The Summer Storm

Cocktail with Blueberry, Gin and Mint

In addition to the heat wave we’ve had the last week or so, New York has also been treated to a number of sudden, intense thunderstorms.

With the exception of Iggy—who hides under the bed at the first hint of thunder–we love sitting on the stoop or at the fire escape watching the storm brew. The only problem with these otherwise pleasant summer storms is that they don’t always bring along cooler temperatures.

Berries for sale at Union Square Greenmarket

I went to the Union Square Greenmarket only about an hour before yesterday’s rain started. I came home with fresh blueberries and right away, we knew they were the exact thing to base a cocktail on. We came up with this drink, the Summer Storm, as a way to both handle the heat and to pay homage to the stormy weather out the window.

Made with gin, blueberries, soda water and some mint from our fledgling garden, the Summer Storm is refreshing even when the sun is still shining.

Summer Cocktail with Blueberries

We puréed a handful of blueberries with a little bit of water, which is what gives the drink its blueberry flavor and intense color. Then, we put 1/2 oz. of fresh lime juice, a 1/2 oz. simple syrup and the blueberry purée in a shaker.

Add 2 oz. of gin and shake. Strain into a chilled Collins glass, top with soda and garnish with mint.

St. George Terroir Gin with Blueberries and Lime

We used St. George’s Terroir Gin, made in California—a souvenir from our trip to L.A. It gave the cocktail a nice earthy tone and we could almost taste the coastal waters that it was made near, although that might have just been the residual rain droplets.

– Ryan and Laura

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