The Single Shot

As cliché as it sounds, New York City moves fast. At any given moment you’re bound to see something strange or wonderful that will stick with you for quite a while.

A Taste of Chinatown

After a particularly delicious plate of mapo tofu from our favorite Chinese delivery place on Saturday night, we were both inspired to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon wandering around Chinatown. Whenever

A Nip of New York History

Last month, when we visited the massive Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles, we had no idea that we would bring home a little piece of New York. Among our

The Queens Park Swizzle

When we first moved to the West Village a couple of years ago, we were both thrilled to discover that we now lived right across the street from one of our

Summertime in Montauk

On Saturday we took a day trip across Long Island to Montauk to eat lobster rolls, relax on the beach and stroll around the village. We got our rental car as

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