The Gordon’s Cup

A Gordon's Cup cocktail, with gin, cucumbers and limes

In the summer months, Laura and I both love relaxing with a good gin cocktail. Nothing says summer like squeezing a few limes, cracking some ice cubes and sipping a cool drink from a straw. The drink should be light, refreshing, unfussy yet still interesting.

Enter the Gordon’s Cup. This amazing little cocktail of limes, gin and English cucumbers is fun and surprisingly easy to make.

Start by slicing an English cucumber, then snapping about three of those slices in half. Add them to a cocktail shaker along with 5 lime wedges and a 3/4 oz. of simple syrup. Gently muddle, avoiding tearing up the limes and cucumber slices. Next, add 2 oz. of gin, ice, then shake and serve in a rocks glass. No need to even bother straining—pour the ice, gin, limes, and cucumbers into the glass. Garnish with a pinch of freshly ground pepper, add straw and enjoy!

A Gordon's Cup cocktail with a cute red striped paper straw

We love the tangy and sweet combo of this drink combined with the cool, crunchy cucumbers. I like to add a little extra pepper for an added kick. Best of all, this drink can easily be made in larger batches—perfect for the next cookout or party!

– Ryan

P.S. One of our favorite things this summer has been these cute striped paper straws. Such an easy, quick way to liven up any drink!

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