The Abandoned Bikes of New York City

A female bike rider rides past an abandoned bike on 2nd avenue in Manhattan

Since we first pointed out the growing number of unique abandoned bikes around the city, we’ve become particularly observant when we take our routine walks or bike rides around the city. It’s easy to see these bikes as eyesores (or as hogs of valuable bike rack real estate), but lately we’ve been noticing something charming, if not artistic, about these misfits.

Like the photo from the original post, we thought that many of these bikes we’ve seen recently resembled works of modern art. The lines of the rusted bike chains brought to mind Richard Serra, while some of the more twisted frames reminded us of John Chamberlain’s work.

Since these abandonments aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, we figure we might as well appreciate them.

– Laura and Ryan

A bent wheel amongst straight wheels in the East Village

Abandoned bikes near Cooper Union in NYC

A rusted out green bike in Manhattan's East Village

A bicycle abandoned in front of Madison Square Garden in New York City

A bike appears to have broken off as part of a building's scaffolding in Gramercy Park

Bikes left near Cooper Union

Cooper Union and its abandoned bikes

An abandoned bike left to float along 8th avenue in NYC

Bent and rusted bikes in St. Marks place in Manhattan

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