The Big Box Man

Erwin Wurm's Big Kastenmann in New York City

The Standard Hotel’s plaza is everchanging—we’ve ice skated there and snacked on ice cream in front of a giant KAWS sculpture during last year’s unbearably hot summer.

This year is no exception, as the Standard has another sculpture installation that has caught our attention every time we’ve walked by recently. You can’t help but notice all of the details on Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s “Big Kastenmmann” (or the Big Box Man).

Detail on Big Kastenmann sculpture

The 18-foot-tall headless businessman wears no pants, but has perfectly laced sneakers, awkwardly knobby knees, and a pressed suit jacket.

Weighing in at nearly 2 tons, the sculpture is Wurm’s first public work of art in New York City. You can see Big Kastenmann at the Standard through November 2.

– Laura

Big Kastenmann in the Standard Hotel Plaza

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