Pumpkin Beer Floats

Steve's Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream for a Beer Float

Even though fall has just begun, we’re still reliving some of our favorite summer moments.

During a weekend trip to Rockaway Beach, we beat the heat by sipping a beer float from Steve’s Ice Cream on the boardwalk.

Making a Beer Float

The float featured their Bourbon Vanilla ice cream with a can of Porkslap Ale. The two flavors combined so well that we thought about just sitting around on the boardwalk drinking them until the sun went down behind the waves.

It was one of our favorite summer memories this year.

Beer Float Made with Pumpkin Ale

While shopping at Murray’s Cheese over the weekend, we saw that they were beginning to stock their shelves with fall beers—we picked up some Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale and, once again, we stumbled across Steve’s delicious Bourbon Vanilla ice cream. The only logical thing to do was put a fall spin on our summer favorite.

The combination was similar to a pumpkin pie milkshake and, just like last time, we both definitely wanted seconds, only this time we watched the sun set behind changing leaves.

– Ryan

Pumpkin Ale Beer Float

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