We’re Thankful For…

…Our neighborhood diner—where you can always get a seat (a vinyl booth, of course), the home fries are always hot, and our favorite waitress, however brusque she may be, always manages

A Fall Day on Convent Avenue

During a bike ride over the weekend, I found myself in the middle of Harlem in the middle of a beautiful fall day. After a few unsuccessful attempts to photograph

Good Luck

We’re all guilty of making a goofy mistake every once in a while, and if we’re lucky, we don’t even pay for it! After an extra long night on Sunday,

Before the Storm (And How to Help Now.)

Now that it’s been a week since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on New York and New Jersey, our lives are back to relative normality—but for many people who have lost their

Hurricane Sandy: the Aftermath

As you probably know by now, New York City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy on Monday night. Now, on Thursday morning, more than 200,000 remain without power, hundreds of

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