Reacquainting with Má Pêche

Menu at Ma Peche

Last month, when my aunts were in town, Ryan and I had the pleasure of reacquainting ourselves with Má Pêche. Chef David Chang’s lone Midtown restaurant was one of our favorite haunts in the early days of our time together and we even snuck away for the occasional lunch there when I worked at nearby Hearst Tower.

My aunts’ apartment was close by, so when we planned a dinner for all of us with our friend Olivia, Má Pêche was the obvious choice. We were quickly reminded why it was one of our favorite places for so long—the subterranean room is both starkly simple but welcoming at the same time and the food is similar to the same creative fare that you’ll find at Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar (one of my favorites).

Scallop at Ma Peche

Veal at Ma Peche

Beef at Ma Peche

Peanut Butter Dessert at Ma Peche

It proved to be an excellent choice. Our dinner was every bit the celebration that it should have been, complete with a bottle of rosé from Channing Daughters, one of our favorite Long Island vineyards, and excellent food all around.

In a city full of restaurants, it’s sometimes easy to overlook great ones. Hopefully next time we won’t forget about Má Pêche for quite so long…

- Laura

Channing Daughters Rosé at Ma Peche

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