Summer Vegetable “Ceviche”

Bounty of Produce

Since it’s still technically summer (I’m hanging on until September 22!), our pantry and meals have continued to reflect as much. Why not eat tomatoes and burrata and peaches and peppers for as long as you can?

Plus, my garden is still producing cucumbers and basil—two things that I’m entirely happy to eat in copious amounts—so while I am beginning to see grapes and apples and potatoes at the market, they’ll just have to wait.

Making Vinaigrette for "Ceviche"

I actually made this salad—ahem, “ceviche”—way back in July but between life and moving our things down two flights of stairs and back up four flights at the beginning of August, I never got around to sharing it. Luckily, its deliciousness didn’t change in the last month and I still wholeheartedly recommend it.

It does take a little more prep work than a lot of the things I make, mostly in the form of chopping and dicing, but the reward is a big, colorful meal with even bigger flavor. Try it—I think you’ll like it.

Summer Vegetable "Ceviche"

Summer Vegetable “Ceviche”
Adapted from Food & Wine, August 2013

1 c. fresh fava beans
1 tsp. finely grated lime zest
1/3 c. fresh lime juice
1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil
1 scallion, thinly sliced
1 jalapeño, seeded and thinly sliced
1 small shallot, thinly sliced
Sea salt
1 1/2 c. fresh corn kernels (raw, from 2 ears)
2 nectarines, cut into thin wedges
1 Hass avocado, cut into 1/2-in. cubes
1 large orange bell pepper, finely julienned
1 pint heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 c. coarsely chopped cilantro

1. In a small saucepan of salted boiling water, cook the fava beans until tender, about 10 minutes. Remove their outer shells, drain the beans and rinse under cold water.

2. In a large bowl, whisk the lime zest and juice with the olive oil, scallion, jalapeño and shallot; season the dressing with salt. Gently fold in the lima beans, corn, nectarines, avocado, orange pepper and tomatoes. Refrigerate the “ceviche” for at least 2 hours. Fold in the cilantro just before serving and serve the “ceviche” chilled.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Avocados, Peaches

Speaking of summer, we’re heading to Charleston, S.C., for long weekend. With temperatures there holding steady in the high-80s, I’ll likely get my summer heat and humidity fix and come back to New York whining for fall. But I digress—care to share your favorites in Charleston?

– Laura

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  • This looks delicious!
    I was just in Charleston, and loved FIG and S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad). If you happen to find yourself in Pawleys Island, check out Kudzu Bakery. They have the best bread and key lime pie!

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