SkyDrive in Napa: Solage Calistoga

Solage Calistoga

After touring a few wineries, we were excited to see where we would be staying for the night, seeing as how we were both desperate for a nap at this point.

The SkyDrive team selected the beautiful Solage Calistoga, one of Condé Nast Traveler’s top resorts in the world, for us to stay. Solage’s olive tree-adorned property has 83 secluded studios each with private patios and two cruiser bikes. Each studio is in a building with just one other room, making the whole experience feel incredibly intimate.

Solage Calistoga Studio

Solage Calistoga Studio

Firepit at Solage Calistoga

Cheese at Solage Calistoga

Studios at Solage Calistoga

Inside our room we found an amazing cheese and fruit plate with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa, of course. Even the cheeses were local, from producers in Sonoma and surrounding areas.

We shared our wine and cheese on the patio, eager to have a few minutes to rest and rejuvenate before meeting the rest of our team for dinner.

Bikes at Solage Calistoga

Property Surrounding Solage

Vineyards in Calistoga

In the last few minutes before leaving for dinner, Laura took one of the bikes out for a quick ride around and snapped some great pictures of the surrounding landscape and the many vineyards surrounding the property.

Meanwhile, I’m not afraid to admit I stayed outside on the patio and watched the New York Giants’ game on the Surface. They may have lost again, but at least there was wine.

– Ryan

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