Cocktails at the London

The London Hotel Bar

On one of the first early sunsets of the year, Laura and I thought it would be fun to spend the evening uptown enjoying a few cocktails—we had heard good things about the new menu at The London hotel in Midtown, so we hopped in a cab and headed north.

While Midtown is typically reserved for work rather than play with us, the winter months seem to bring a magical quality to the neighborhood that is always worth experiencing a few times. We love the department store windows (especially at Bergdorf Goodman) and the festive feel along the avenues, which are lined with lights and giant lit wreaths. Ending a holiday night in a posh hotel bar, snuggled close with a drink makes the neighborhood even more special and romantic.

The Bar at the London

Once we settled into our booth at the beautiful bar at The London, we picked out a few drinks, along with some small plates to enjoy.

I started out with a fall twist on my favorite drink with the Maple Manhattan, made with clove-infused maple syrup. Laura had a Pisco Passion, which included goji liqueur and an Angostura foam. We loved the fish and chips and tuna tartare, perfectly sized plates for a couple of drinks.

Pisco Passion Cocktail at the London

Fish & Chips at the London

Maple Manhattan at The London

Tuna Tartare at the London

We relaxed over our drinks, discussing our holiday game plans: house guests, dishes, gift ideas, and what we’ll share with you here on Smith & Ratliff. It was the perfect setting for a pre-holiday meeting.

– Ryan

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