How to Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster

Oysters are perfect holiday party fare, but the whole process of shucking can be intimidating. For a long time, we even elected to have our fishmonger shuck them for us until one day, we purchased an oyster knife and went at it ourselves. It takes a little practice, but as the video above shows you, it’s really not too difficult.

1. With the oyster wrapped in a folded dish towel, hold the oyster cup side down with the hinge facing toward you. Insert the oyster knife through the hinge, angling the blade down into the cup of the oyster. Once you feel the knife give a little, twist the knife until you feel the hinge pop open.

2. Scrape the blade across the top of the shell to release the muscle from the shell. When you remove the top shell, there shouldn’t be any meat attached to it. Then, slide the knife under the muscle to loosen the oyster.

3. Place the oyster on a bed of crushed ice and serve immediately (alongside some mignonette).

– Laura and Ryan

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