A Bit of Christmas Cheer

Swedish Fish Candy Christmas Garlands

Upgrading to a slightly less-small apartment has meant a lot of things, but one of the most exciting ones involves Christmas decorating! Last Sunday, when we trekked out to buy our tree, we were actually surprised to come home with a relatively normal-sized tree compared to the 3-feet tall potted versions of Christmas past. With wrapped presents underneath and Diptyque’s heavenly holiday candle, we were both feeling the Christmas spirit.

Wrapped Present for Christmas

Diptyque Holiday Candle

We don’t have an abundance of ornaments however, so our tree was looking a little bare. When I came across this genius idea for gummy Christmas garlands, I knew that was just what we needed. (Plus, it gave us both an excuse to eat a pound of Swedish Fish.)

As you’ll see in the video above, making the garlands is incredibly simple. You just need a needle, some twine or dental floss, and plenty of candy. Thread the candy onto the floss with the needle and string up on the tree. I did find that it worked best to keep the garlands short and tie them together, otherwise the floss would begin to unravel.

Finish the tree off with a few candy canes (great for mid-day snacking) and you have a tree that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of.

– Laura

Decorated Christmas Tree in Apartment

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