Category: Coffee

Café au Art

Everyone loves going to a café, ordering a latte and being presented with a lovely heart or flower etched in foam on top. Aside from looking beautiful, the latte art signifies that the milk has been properly steamed and that your drink was made with […]

Lazy Monday

Yesterday Laura and I took advantage of the long Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend by sleeping in, lounging around the apartment and taking a break from technology (except for a few random turns on Words with Friends). After taking Iggy on a very quick, […]

National Coffee Day: Kaffe 1668

Today is National Coffee Day, so it only seemed fitting to write about coffee. As you might have gathered from our multiple posts on the subject, coffee is a hobby for me and Ryan. While he’s much more knowledgable than I am, I enjoy trying […]

Blue Bottle Breaks New Ground

Sometimes good coffee is worth searching for. During our trip to San Francisco earlier this year, Laura and I made it a point to seek out every Blue Bottle Coffee location. The coffee was great, but all of the San Francisco locations are so unique […]

Rockaway Beach’s New Wave

One of my favorite parts of summer is taking the ‘A’ train out to Rockaway Beach in Queens. I love watching the huge waves continuously crash against the shore and seeing all the surfers who come to ride them. It’s a relaxing escape from the […]