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How to Make Chicken Stock

Once Thanksgiving passes, you’ll likely have a bounty’s worth of leftovers and scraps. But don’t discard those onion peelings and that chicken carcass yet! All of those odds and ends can come together to make an incredibly rich, flavorful stock that not only serves as […]

Oyster Mignonette

Once you’ve shucked all of your oysters, you can slurp them up straight—or you can add a little spice. Good oysters are excellent on their own, but I’ve found that adding just a tiny bit of mignonette really makes them pop. A mignonette is generally […]

How to Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster

Oysters are perfect holiday party fare, but the whole process of shucking can be intimidating. For a long time, we even elected to have our fishmonger shuck them for us until one day, we purchased an oyster knife and went at it ourselves. It takes […]

Smoked Salmon Toasts

Since our move, we’re just a few blocks away from one of the most famous New York institutions, Russ & Daughters. These self-professed “kings of appetizing” are so well-known that they’ve even had a book written about their shop, which has been a Lower East Side […]

Charleston: Husk

We saved Husk, Chef Sean Brock’s newest restaurant, for our last meal in Charleston. While we went to McCrady’s, Brock’s other restaurant, for dinner, we knew we wanted to try Husk for lunch for one reason: the cheeseburger. The Husk cheeseburger is something of legend, […]