Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend! Because seemingly everyone we know was going out of town this year, we kept it simple with just the three

Bloggers Love Dogs

…And you know we love our Iggy Pop. That’s why, when Kelly of Design Crush invited us to participate in her Bloggers Love Dogs fundraising project, we jumped at the chance.  Kelly

Settling In

We survived our move last week and are slowly, but surely, settling in. There are still a few lone boxes in the dining room driving us nuts, but we’ve had more

On Change

Just a few months ago, if you had asked us where we saw ourselves in two years (or even three), we likely would have answered something like this: still living


I’ve written about my aunts a few times on here, and while they visit New York often, it’s typically only for a week or so at a time. This month, they

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