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New Beginnings

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that we announced a pretty big life change this week. No, we didn’t elope. We’re not moving and we’re not expecting. Rather, after four faithful years, we traded in our Canon 5D D-SLR and made […]

Finishing Touches

You don’t need us to tell you about the charm of a hand-written note. Everyone loves receiving a letter or card in their mailbox over their inbox, especially after a job interview or a big favor from a friend. We aren’t picky about having the prettiest […]

Merry Griff-mas!

We hope everyone has a joyous holiday season and a great new year! As always, thank you for your kind comments and continued support. – Laura, Ryan, and Iggy Pop

We’re Thankful For…

…Our neighborhood diner—where you can always get a seat (a vinyl booth, of course), the home fries are always hot, and our favorite waitress, however brusque she may be, always manages to sneak a smile and a “hun” at the end of her sentences. There aren’t […]

Summer Streets

For three Saturdays in August, Park Avenue—undoubtedly one of Manhattan’s busiest thoroughfares—is transformed. Gone are the honking cabs, squealing sirens and incessant traffic jams, replaced by the whiz of rollerblades, the occasional ding of a bike bell, and the clatter of training wheels. Summer Streets, put […]