Category: New York

El Rey

While our move from the West Village to the East side has been a big change, we’ve felt right at home thanks to many of our friends who happen to own small businesses right at our door step. Our friend Sandy owns the popular Orchard […]

Le Grand Fooding

Last Friday, we were invited by Jameson to attend Le Grand Fooding, an annual event that celebrates food and drink and often focuses on a central theme. In 2010, they hosted an East vs. West competition. In 2011,  13 chefs assembled the meal over the […]

Manhattan by Sail

In the middle of a punishing New York heatwave, it can be tough to will yourself to be outdoors for long periods of time. When Laura suggested the idea of taking a sailboat cruise around New York harbor, in the middle of the afternoon—on what turned […]

An East Village Coffee Crawl

It seems counterintuitive to do a coffee crawl in the middle of July on a day when the heat index soared to 105 degrees, but alas, that’s just what we did this weekend (subbing in iced alternatives when necessary). Good coffee is important to us, so […]

On Change

Just a few months ago, if you had asked us where we saw ourselves in two years (or even three), we likely would have answered something like this: still living in the West Village and very likely still living in the same apartment (with Iggy […]