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Today’s Bordeaux: Chicken with Tarragon, Mustard, and Cream

We know many people who think that, like champagne, Bordeaux wine has to be an expensive affair for grand dinners or kept locked up for years to age. The truth is that great values can be had for all types of wine, and Bordeaux is […]

Marinated Chicken Legs with Bok Choy

If you’re in post-Thanksgiving beige food overload, it’s nice to eat a meal with a little color.

How to Make Chicken Stock

Once Thanksgiving passes, you’ll likely have a bounty’s worth of leftovers and scraps. But don’t discard those onion peelings and that chicken carcass yet! All of those odds and ends can come together to make an incredibly rich, flavorful stock that not only serves as […]

Pok Pok Wing

Another Portland transplant makes its way to New York. We’ve already enjoyed the Beagle and love Stumptown, so we figured we’d feel the same when Pok Pok, a wildly popular Portland outpost of Thai food, opened up in New York. Pok Pok’s chef Andy Ricker now […]

A Daily Dinner: Rigatoni With Chicken Livers, Cipollini Onions and Sage

Sick of liver yet? Between Monday’s mousse, Tuesday’s sandwich and today’s dinner, liver has been in heavy rotation here. This recipe, which I came across while browsing the Wall Street Journal’s Off-Duty section, was what inspired me to pick up some livers in the first […]