Hand-Dipped Wooden Spoons

When Ryan and I visited the Provisions by Food52 holiday pop-up shop a few weeks ago, I loved the look of these dipped wooden spoons. I have a lot of

Our Landing Strip

One thing we had problems with early into life in our current apartment was the lack of space for “tiny” items. We don’t have room for a side table to place

Old Chair, New Life, Part II

To read part I of our reupholstery project, click here. Voila! After stripping the chair of its dated fabric, we began the tedious process of stapling our new fabric to the

Old Chair, New Life, Part I

Don’t you love it when you spend months—months!—searching for the perfect chair, rug, curtains, dishes, coffee table (whatever!) and then suddenly it appears when you’re least expecting it, for a fraction

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