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El Rey

While our move from the West Village to the East side has been a big change, we’ve felt right at home thanks to many of our friends who happen to own small businesses right at our door step. Our friend Sandy owns the popular Orchard […]

Reacquainting with Má Pêche

Last month, when my aunts were in town, Ryan and I had the pleasure of reacquainting ourselves with Má Pêche. Chef David Chang’s lone Midtown restaurant was one of our favorite haunts in the early days of our time together and we even snuck away […]

Los Angeles: Congratulations, Jon & Meredith!

Finally, on Saturday, the real reason we came to Los Angeles arrived: to see my dear friend from college, Jon, marry his beautiful fiancée (now wife, of course) Meredith. Jon and I hit it off immediately when we met back in college and one of […]

Our Memorial Day Weekend

On Monday, after a restful weekend that included horses, the beach, a new bike, and pizza from the famous Di Fara, among other things, we took the L train across the river to Brooklyn, where our friends were hosting a “Not” GoogaMooga Memorial Day party. Our […]

Weekday Project: A Rustic Restoration

One of the most surprising things about living in ultra-expensive New York City is how often you can find amazing things for free. Some of the best finds in our apartment—many of our books, our rickety old bar cart, our mid-century credenza—were either snatched off the […]