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A Bit of Christmas Cheer

Upgrading to a slightly less-small apartment has meant a lot of things, but one of the most exciting ones involves Christmas decorating! Last Sunday, when we trekked out to buy our tree, we were actually surprised to come home with a relatively normal-sized tree compared […]

A Golden Makeover

While I don’t think our new apartment is 100 percent ready to show off yet (although we did have a party this past Friday!), I’m especially proud of some of our new finds—and the way we’ve repurposed some of our older pieces for use in […]

Old Chair, New Life, Part II

To read part I of our reupholstery project, click here. Voila! After stripping the chair of its dated fabric, we began the tedious process of stapling our new fabric to the chair’s frame. We chose a coral chevron fabric for the chair to both inject a […]

Old Chair, New Life, Part I

Don’t you love it when you spend months—months!—searching for the perfect chair, rug, curtains, dishes, coffee table (whatever!) and then suddenly it appears when you’re least expecting it, for a fraction of the price? That’s exactly what happened to us a couple of months ago. We’d […]

Weekday Project: A Rustic Restoration

One of the most surprising things about living in ultra-expensive New York City is how often you can find amazing things for free. Some of the best finds in our apartment—many of our books, our rickety old bar cart, our mid-century credenza—were either snatched off the […]