Snow Dog

Sure enough, as I predicted, we were greeted with snow early Saturday morning. Ryan and I woke up early, hoping to spend some time in the fresh white powder before

Weekend Coffee and Doughnuts

Recently, on a particularly grey Sunday, Laura had the bright idea to make homemade yeasted doughnuts. Not just any doughnuts though—these came with a browned butter caramel and were topped

Weekday Project: Our Chalkboard Door

Like most New York City brownstone buildings, we have (had!) an unimpressive, dull white front door. We’ve been itching to revamp it for awhile, especially after seeing how Ashley and

Fall Vignettes: Morning Coffee

This week, the weather in New York finally changed for the better. After a seemingly endless Indian summer with intermittent bouts of rain and clouds, the skies have cleared and

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