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Los Angeles: In Photos

Just a few outtakes from last week in L.A. We’ll be back to normal (and hopefully unpacked!) by Monday. Hope you have a nice weekend! – Laura and Ryan

Los Angeles: Shopping the Rose Bowl Flea

One reason we were super thrilled to be traveling to L.A.—aside from the amazing wedding—was the timing of the trip. Once we realized that our visit would coincide with the Rose Bowl Flea, which is held on the second Sunday each month, we opted for a […]

Los Angeles: Congratulations, Jon & Meredith!

Finally, on Saturday, the real reason we came to Los Angeles arrived: to see my dear friend from college, Jon, marry his beautiful fiancée (now wife, of course) Meredith. Jon and I hit it off immediately when we met back in college and one of […]

Los Angeles: Silver Lake and Echo Park

Following our dinner the previous night, and faced with another long day ahead of us, we both woke up in serious need of a caffeine boost. Luckily, the first stop on our list was Cafecito Organico. The café, located in a colorful old Mexican restaurant […]

Los Angeles: From the Getty to Malibu

Still on East Coast time, we got an early start to our day on Thursday. Continuing our coffee trek, we headed toward downtown to check out Handsome Coffee Roasters. Handsome’s space in the Arts District is bright and airy; like restaurants with an open kitchen, […]