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Summer Vegetable “Ceviche”

Since it’s still technically summer (I’m hanging on until September 22!), our pantry and meals have continued to reflect as much. Why not eat tomatoes and burrata and peaches and peppers for as long as you can? Plus, my garden is still producing cucumbers and […]

Settling In

We survived our move last week and are slowly, but surely, settling in. There are still a few lone boxes in the dining room driving us nuts, but we’ve had more fun enjoying our newly spacious kitchen and arguing about paint colors than unpacking. The apartment […]

Apricot Whiskey Smash

Harried by the stress of our impending move (this week—eek!), Ryan and I took a moment this weekend to step back and enjoy one of our last summer nights in the West Village. Inspired by a bag of tender, flawless apricots, we created a sippable, […]

Manhattan by Sail

In the middle of a punishing New York heatwave, it can be tough to will yourself to be outdoors for long periods of time. When Laura suggested the idea of taking a sailboat cruise around New York harbor, in the middle of the afternoon—on what turned […]

On Change

Just a few months ago, if you had asked us where we saw ourselves in two years (or even three), we likely would have answered something like this: still living in the West Village and very likely still living in the same apartment (with Iggy […]