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Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s easy to take tomatoes for granted when you live in the South, where the growing season is virtually year-round. In Charleston, one chef told us that he has tomatoes every month but December and January! In New York, however, most of our tomatoes taper off […]

Summer Vegetable “Ceviche”

Since it’s still technically summer (I’m hanging on until September 22!), our pantry and meals have continued to reflect as much. Why not eat tomatoes and burrata and peaches and peppers for as long as you can? Plus, my garden is still producing cucumbers and […]

Settling In

We survived our move last week and are slowly, but surely, settling in. There are still a few lone boxes in the dining room driving us nuts, but we’ve had more fun enjoying our newly spacious kitchen and arguing about paint colors than unpacking. The apartment […]

A Garden-Grown Cocktail

The other night, we popped into one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Joseph Leonard, for a late dinner. Much to our delight, the restaurant was in the midst of a four-day long tomato festival! Every dish on the menu involved tomatoes in some form. In fact, […]

A Daily Dinner: Tomato and Peach Salad With Corn and Feta

I have a weekend ritual: on Saturday mornings, if I’m not riding, I take Iggy for a walk to Amy’s Bread, where I grab a slice of almond brioche toast and then quickly run home to read—of all things—the Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly, the Journal‘s Off […]