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Halloween Comes to the Village

Every year our neighbors somehow manage to top themselves when Halloween comes around. It’s always great when the temperature dips just low enough to make a sweater necessary. It’s a perfect time to take a walk to check out all the new decorations, especially since all […]

One Block

On any given street in any city, there are little things worth noticing. Some of these things take on new meaning once you look at them up close. From layers of forgotten old posters on the corner to wires and pipes sticking out of buildings, even […]

The Big Box Man

The Standard Hotel’s plaza is everchanging—we’ve ice skated there and snacked on ice cream in front of a giant KAWS sculpture during last year’s unbearably hot summer. This year is no exception, as the Standard has another sculpture installation that has caught our attention every […]

Village Nights

While taking Iggy on a late-night walk around the Village with Ryan, we passed by a watch repair shop that was still open—glowing neon sign and all. The eerie glow of the shop’s interior reminded us of something out of a movie so we couldn’t help […]

Wednesday at Saturdays

On Wednesday night Laura and I walked over to the new West Village location of Saturdays Surf—the hybrid surf shop/clothing boutique turned espresso bar—for their opening reception. We’re already huge fans of their SoHo location, so having one even closer makes our mornings a lot easier. […]